Nobel® Brånemark® NP 35N/cm
Nobel® Brånemark® RP 35N/cm
Nobel® Brånemark® WP 35N/cm
Nobel® Replace Select NP 35N/cm
Nobel® Replace Select RP 35N/cm
Nobel® Replace Select WP 35N/cm
Nobel® Active NP 35N/cm
Nobel® Active RP 35N/cm
Nobel® Replace CC NP 35N/cm
Nobel® Replace CC RP 35N/cm
Straumann® Tissue Level RN - 4,8 35N/cm
Straumann® Tissue Level WN - 6,5 35N/cm
Straumann® Bone Level NC 35N/cm
Straumann® Bone Level RC 35N/cm
Astra® Osseospeed AQUA 3,5-4,0 20N/cm
Astra® Osseospeed LILAC 4,5-5,0 25N/cm
Dentsply Ankylos® C/X® All implants 20N/cm
Friadent® Xive® 3.4 24N/cm
Friadent® Xive® 3.8 24N/cm
Friadent® Xive® 4.5 24N/cm
Zimmer® Screw Vent® 3.5 30N/cm
Zimmer® Screw Vent® 4.5 30N/cm
Zimmer® Screw Vent® 5.7 30N/cm
Mis® Seven 3.3 30N/cm
Mis® Seven 3.75 30N/cm
Mis® Seven 4,20 30N/cm
Mis® Seven 5,0 30N/cm
Alpha-Bio® SPI/DFI/ATID 3.3 30N/cm
Alpha-Bio® SPI/DFI/ATID 3.75 30N/cm
Alpha-Bio® SPI/DFI/ATID 4.2 30N/cm
Alpha-Bio® SPI/DFI/ATID 5,0 30N/cm
Alpha-Bio® SPI/DFI/ATID 6,0 30N/cm
3i® Osseotite® 3.4 20N/cm
3i® Osseotite® 4.1 20N/cm
3i® Osseotite® 5,0 20N/cm
3i® Certain® 3.45 20N/cm
3i® Certain® 4.1 20N/cm
3i® Certain® 5 20N/cm
Bio Horizons® Internal hex 3.7 20N/cm
Bio Horizons® Internal hex 4.25 20N/cm
Bio Horizons® Internal hex 5.25 30N/cm
Bio Horizons® External hex 4.5 30N/cm
Bio Horizons® External hex 5.7 30N/cm
Bio Horizons® External hex 3.5 30N/cm


Registered trademarks are owned by their respective companies and there is no commercial relationship with Terrats Medical SL and/or the brand DESS® Dental Smart Solutions. Its mention is made for proper identification purpose of the dental implant with which the DESS abutments can be used. Please refer to legal terms and conditions on this page.


8 excellent finishes of the highest quality with unique manufacturing DESS system.

Finishes for CR-Co and Ti Finishes gold for Ti